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A lot of Blaine Galliher’s professional life has been guiding products and projects from Point A to Point B. He’s learned along the way that while a straight line might be the shortest distance between the two points, it isn’t always the usual path.


After 18 years in the House of Representatives, including a stint as chair of the powerful Rules Committee, Blaine left the legislative sector in 2012 to serve as the Legislative Director for Gov. Robert Bentley. His role, not surprisingly, grew into more. He became one of the Governor’s most trusted voices, serving as Senior Advisor and the solid set of shoulders people looked to in times of crisis.


Blaine, a manufacturing technology graduate of Jacksonville State University, served in an intelligence unit in the U.S. Army in Central America. He was born in Abingdon, Va., but moved to Gadsden upon his honorable discharge from the Army. He worked for various manufacturers in Gadsden, ultimate rising through the ranks at Gulf States Steel. It was there that his skills to manage projects were honed. Along the way, he got ahead of the curve in understanding that technology would be critical to Alabama jobs in the future, leading to his work with the Alabama Technology Network. Gov. Bentley realized that, too, appointing Blaine to the Workforce Development Council.


Even so, Blaine is more than just an accomplished public servant. He’s a pretty good guitar picker. He’s spent a great deal of time in Togo, Africa, helping the Water for the Children Foundation. He is the father of two sons, Charlie and Terry, and has five grandchildren.

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