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We have learned there are few, if any,
shortcuts on the road to success.


"Eighty percent of success is showing up."


-Woody Allen



It’s that last twenty percent that makes success so difficult to achieve. Windom, Galliher & Associates finds that last twenty percent in staying there, talking to one more person, contemplating one more potential obstacle, turning over the rock that no one else sees, and not leaving until the work is done. Windom, Galliher & Associates succeeds for its clients by digging deep – deeper than others – to find that twenty percent.


Windom, Galliher & Associates opens doors, maximizes opportunities and generates success for its clients through a full range of governmental relations services.  Based in Montgomery, Alabama, the firm comfortably navigates the legislative, executive and administrative waters to the benefit of clients from various sectors of business, including health care, insurance, utilities, education, technology and more.

The Firm



Windom, Galliher & Associates brings a variety of experience to work each day to advise its clients and advocate for them every day. Whether it is the perspective of two former legislators, a statewide government official, a former government regulator, a career law enforcement official, an attorney, an education administrator, or journalism and public relations professional, the five governmental relations professionals of Windom, Galliher & Associates have decades of deep and diverse work histories that make positive differences for their clients.


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